Kris Jenner Show Appearance

Ever lustfully stare at those skinny jeans in the back of your dresser drawer? Mmhmm, that's what we thought. Watch as Andrea teaches Kris Jenner and co-host Anthony Anderson a fun and efficient workout to tighten up the lower abs, outer and inner thighs and tush. The full episode can be seen on the Kris Jenner Show YouTube page. A clip is shown here on the video page. Check it out!

DVD Release

Are you ready to bump up your fitness regiment and get Pilates strong? There's a DVD for that called Perfect Pilates Body! This DVD consists of eight different 10 minute workouts that target different parts of the body. Included is also a full body flow workout, stretching for flexibility and a bonus Magic Circle routine. These routines can be done separately, depending on your personal needs or goals, or all together for one efficient and effective workout. 


Perfect Pilates Body Mobile App

If you travel for work or simply find yourself on the go and unsure what to do for your daily workouts, the app version of this workout series is perfect for you. Pull out your iPad or iPhone and maximize your time no matter where you are. This video specifically does not have music so you can follow along to these workouts at the gym without distracting other gym-goers. If you are traveling for work and in a hotel, simply place a towel from the bathroom on the carpet floor and begin the workouts. These videos work you from your arms-abs-legs-bum-full body-stretching and include a magic circle workout.


The Pilates Fix YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel was created by seasoned Pilates instructors Andrea Speir and Kristen Matthews to make Pilates more accessible to everyone. By making these videos, they bring their knowledge of Pilates to anyone without having to pay the big bucks at a private boutique studio in Los Angeles. Learn how to safely tone and strengthen your body and begin to feel stronger and become a healthier version of yourself with these videos-and it's all free! (no more excuses!)

Click here to check out The Pilates Fix!

Photo Shoot with Valorie Darling

Great shoot with Valori Darling.  Check out her work at ValorieDarling.com.

Jasper Johal Photography

If you are interested in checking out Andrea's recent collaboration with famed fitness photographer Jasper Johal, click here to see more of their work.