Over the past few years, Andrea Speir has established herself as a powerful name in the Pilates community through her playful personality and challenging classes.

Andrea finds strength and joy through the use of physical fitness and loves teaching and training others in the methods that have so greatly impacted her own life.

Her extensive knowledge of the physical body, injuries, and sports therapy combined with a background as a dancer and a 600 hour comprehensive Pilates certification through Power Pilates in New York City has given her the base to confidently shape each and every workout. The results of these workouts not only create strong and beautiful bodies, but do so in a safe and rehabilitative manner.

Andrea has an addictive love for life. Her spunky nature is expressed through her creative writing ventures, which are featured in Pilates Style Magazine, MindBodyGreen.com and StrongInsideOut.com. She is an avid foodie and loves sharing recipes for healthy eating and great restaurants, as well as being addicted to traveling, adventure, and a good cup of coffee.

You can practice with Andrea around the world at conferences and retreats or in private sessions in Los Angeles, California. If you want to save yourself a trip, you can practice with Andrea through her app for i-Tunes called Perfect Pilates Body, through her DVD Perfect Pilates Body, or every week on the YouTube channel she co-founded, The Pilates Fix.



"Having played football from a young age and in college, my lower back took a beating. I was told Pilates would be a great workout to strengthen my core and ease my back pain. I was referred to Andrea Speir by a professional trainer and although Pilates wasn't something I would typically try, Andrea's positive attitude and broad knowledge of Pilates movements, athletic training method and sense of humor, helped me establish a weekly workout regiment. In one year, my back is feeling better than it has in a very long time, my core is tighter and I'm standing straighter. Thank you Andrea, I couldn't have done it without you."

-Richard Siefert

“Andrea Speir Pilates is the only method of core work that gives me next day results. Pilates with Andrea Speir is a sweat-soaked, cardio-riffic burn fest that will leave you eager for your next session.”

-Amy Clover, Creator of Strong Inside Out

“I have studied with Andrea for over 5 years and she has transformed my body-I am leaner, stronger, and more flexible. Most importantly, because of Andrea’s skill and rigor, I no longer suffer from chronic back pain, which precipitated my starting Pilates.  My transformation encouraged my 70 year old mother to train with Andrea in hopes of alleviating crippling hip pain and other aches associated with aging. After only two months of twice weekly sessions, my mother found herself pain free, in addition to the added benefits of being leaner and stronger.”

-Rebecca N. Kaufman

“Starting Pilates with Andrea Speir has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Over the last 18 months, my body has gotten stronger, leaner and more toned. My old injuries that used to consistently flare up have disappeared. Having lived with body dysmorphia my entire life, at 37 I can now finally say I feel comfortable in my body and have confidence in it’s capabilities.

I have just gone through my first pregnancy with Andrea modifying my sessions throughout and was able to keep my body strong and active the whole way through with minimal weight gain, a comparatively easy labor and birth, and I’m doing great post-natal.

Andrea keeps my sessions challenging but fun and varied and is able to expertly gauge my abilities and increase intensity and difficulty as I develop. She is a lovely, enthusiastic and caring person.”

-Selena Sternberg