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  • Birthday Wishes

    Birthday Wishes

    Well, this week was my 31st birthday. This birthday seemed to have a bit less appeal than the big bang of turning 30..hmmm, go figure..

    Every year my birthday sneaks up on me. I know I’ve lived an entire year and experienced much growth and excitement and highs and lows, but there is always that moment where I say out loud,

    “I can’t believe my birthday is next week!”

    Today I was talking to a client of mine who is in her late 80’s. Her mother died unexpectedly from cancer at the age of 54. My client is one of the most adventurous, risk taking LIFE LIVERS I’ve ever met. She has traveled to almost every country, speaks 3 languages, has a PHD that she obtained in her 60’s, and the list goes on and on. She told me that experiencing her mother pass away at such a young age scared her to her core. She was convinced she would die in her 50’s as well from the same cancer and swore an oath so herself to live the next 30 years of her life to the fullest.

    Man, did she live up to that commitment.

    Hearing her talk about her life and the adventures she took not only inspired me, but shook me up. I wouldn’t say I let my days slip mindlessly by, but there are so many things I want to do every year and I don’t. We get stuck in this rut of “what does my day look like” then next thing you know the day is over. Next thing you know, the year is over. I’ve been saying I will start singing again with a voice couch, taking French classes, and visit one of the countries on my list. I let myself get so distracted with life that I forget that what I have are literally days, weeks, months and years. All of which are times to just DO. Make my adventures and live a life that at the end of my life I can look back on and say, “Damn, I made each year count.”

    So my commitment to myself on my birthday this year was to live each day as if it is a birthday of sorts. I will not look at each day as a means to get through some set schedule in my calendar, but as a day to find something that makes me laugh. Make days that are filled with things that scare me, inspire me and teach me. Things that are not in my usual day to day.

    I know what is in my life now, but I don’t know what could be. The only way to know is to go out and do new things and see parts of the world and life which are currently out of my realm of existence. That being said, I’m excited for my birthday- instead of cringing at the time passed, I am giddy with the thoughts of the unknown future.